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  • 3-in-1 Braided 10 Ft
    Charging Cord
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  • Nathan 2-in-1
    Charging Cable/Key Ring
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  • Triple 3-in-1
    Charging Cable
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So many devices and so much clutter. Logoed cables and cable hubs are a great way to extend your company brand while also making someone's life easier. The charging cables you’ll find on Top 3 Promo all support a wide range of devices, including USB, Micro USB and iOS, and are made for regular use. Unlike many other companies, all of the Lightning adapters recommended on Top 3 Promo are MFi-certified (they will work with all Lightning-based Apple devices for both charging and sync, regardless of their iOS version).

At Top 3 Promo, we do the product testing and price comparisons, then offer you only the good stuff to choose from to customize for your brand. It’s that easy.